I make web sites. You can hire me to make one for you.

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I work in English and live in the Forest Of Dean in SW England.

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allwarm Considera.co.uk Biofizz Moodie publications DeanToDean

Allwarm.co.uk This is a shop built using Zen Cart - a very stable free software platform with a superb team behind it. I got a little help from Squiff design and the site came together nicely for Jo and her team.


Considera.co.uk Another Zen cart site kept plain visually but still allowing full functionality such as cart and secure downloads.


Biofizz.co.uk To make a shop look distinct is part of the challenge. Here I would like to remove the background image but customers are always right - allegedly.


Moodie.biz Instead of a full shop one can use simple buttons linked to the financial processor - usually PayPal as here.


Deantodean.co.uk The challenge here was to have produce available only to certain postcodes. I love local and ethical and so I took this on.

Ecosoft Teapot The Grange Coin Solution Elements

Ecosoftwater.co.uk WordPress is great for many reasons: it's robust, it allows the client to keep their own site up to date, you can re-skin it simply ... so I have used it many times for clients. The trick is not to look too much like a WordPress site!

Yoga With AliRose

yogawithalirose.co.uk Another good thing with WordPress is that you can add in or strip out a lot of functionality at the flick of a .. ummm ... mouse. Ali wanted something less tricky than WIX and so we make this with a themify theme.

The New Inn

thenewinnchepstow.co.uk A cheerful coffee shop and a gastro-pub near Chepstow. Something responsive and uncluttered. Yes we can!

Forest Routes

forestroutes.org Public transport is tricky out in the countryside. This organisation wanted to assist and have hidden members forums and job ads.

Solution Elements

solutionelements.co.uk A nicely chosen header image and there's very little else to add to the copy. Good old WordPress - the web democratised.

Considera.org The Rivermen Transition Forest Aquatron Waxwerks

Considera.org This amazing visionary organisation needed to build an online database that can be adjusted and accessed by anyone. That's not straight forward and I had a lot of help with it from Abhi in Estonia. Otherwise everything is typed in tiny bit by tiny bit.


Rivermen.org A local Forest band with evolving web needs. If you know what you are going to need from the start there is one way of working but if you are making it up and evolving as you go along hand coded flexibility is the way to go. Nice tunes lads.


transitionforest.org.uk The transition movement is a lovely idea that is managing to stick around. So it was a great pleasure to be able to establish a site for the Forest of Dean. Andy at Squiff had the logo lying around waiting for a use and I'm pleased how this slides around as the screen gets wider or narrower. A coder's joy...


aquatron.org.uk An interesting device needed a very simple site. I'd just learned from PROS a little jQuery and so added it into this site - and those still reading can see how I adjusted it to the site you are on now. That's code recycling. Hurrah!


waxwerks.co.uk Andy did the graphics based on a dusty blue microphone box. Then we found ways to do what waxwerks wanted and - there it is. I think waxwerks also learned a little about coding so they took on to adjust the design but, I'm pleased to say, keep coming back to the original I made.

PROS 4sided Triangle Steve Hyslop Time Out Funky Barnett

PROS I think the in-house coders were on maternity leave or too busy making an app for the event so I got to do the bits and pieces they were too busy to do. It was fun and interesting and I learned about jQuery.

4sided Triangle

4-sided Triangle A virtual marketing agency around the Forest of Dean needed a site that was a little different. I coded for the designer. We had a lot of trouble from cached images but got there in the end.

Steve Hyslop

Steve Hyslop I'd done a simple Dreamweaver template site for Steve years ago and tried again to get his talents out there. This was the start of a great collaboration with Squiff

Time Out

Essential Time Out The site was all one page - like this one here - and the client wanted greater differentiation for the search engines, so we make it several pages. Sounds easy but it was quite tricky in the end.

The Funky Barnett

The Funky Barnet The coder went AWOL and I had to find his thinking and then carry on. He was good. You can tell from tidy thoughtful code. I learned from him and am pleased to have kept the web site up to date.